Do you believe in the healing power stone?

People think I’m a bit odd when I talk about crystals or the healing power of stone. Some people find me quite strange, if truth be told. But, what I really meant to say was that if you aren’t sure what stones, gemstones or crystals do, how they affect people’s health, or any other situation, you are not the only one.

For a brief overview, crystals can be created from minerals, high temperatures and compression, as well as volcanic activity. You may think some crystals look like rock lumps, best places to buy moldavite . You might feel that some of them, when polished up, are quite attractive and that you would like to have jewellery made out of them. Good examples are rubies and diamonds. They are abundant and easy to obtain, while others are harder to mine or cut. These are much more valuable and highly sought-after.

Things get more mysterious when it comes to crystal healing. This refers to the healing properties of certain stones, such as amethyst, boji, quartz and agate. Some people will believe that crystals are capable of having an effect on them, while others won’t. While some of you may be open to being convinced, others won’t. In the best possible manner, I don’t care what your opinion is on the topic of crystals, or whether they have healing or other properties. I’m happy to tell you that you can believe anything you like, and that I have the ability to see what you experience.

What is my experience with crystals? My story began many years ago, when crystals were first discovered to me. One lady sold crystals at the local market, and she became my friend. Marion is her name. It was a smallish, round tumblestone that I found out, and I felt a sort of pulse as the stone rested in my palm. It felt almost like it was having a heartbeat. Marion simply smiled, knowing that this was normal. As I held the crystal, she inquired about my feelings, how it made me feel and whether I could sense energy or movement in my body. Next, she asked me what would happen if my eyes were closed. Wow! It was amazing! I was hooked on crystals.

Crystals have always had a deep impact on my life. I was almost knocked over by a chiastolite crystal, which is often called fairy crosses. Its energy was so evident to me that I even picked it up one day. Malachite is a beautiful green marble-effect rock that makes me physically sick. It has been my favorite stone for many years. I don’t dare wear or carry moldavite while I drive, as it completely stifles me out.

I have spent years reading and working with crystals. Marion encouraged me to see what crystals were good for rather than relying on someone else’s words or asking her opinions. Through this process, I learned a lot more about myself and crystal energy.

What is the secret to crystals and stones working their magic and imparting their healing powers? I can’t really say for sure. It all boils down to their energy. This is the best explanation I can think of. It is similar to how you feel when you are affected negatively or positively by another person’s mood or energy. Even an animal. How relaxing it is to be able to relax with a peaceful cat or dog? This is how I believe crystals function.

The energy of the stones emits a frequency that allows us to rebalance our natural state of equilibrium. Since our natural state is one of balance, we can pick up energy vibrations from stones and start to return to our natural vibration.

Imagine your body feeling out of balance because it is tired, stressed, or has a hectic life. You get a headache. A crystal that gives off an energy of calm relaxation like some people (you know, those who make you feel relaxed), then your headaches will start to disappear.

Here are my ‘go to’ crystals for specific moods or situations.

To cheer myself up or to love myself more, I use rose quartz if I’m unhappy.
Because aqua aura feels special to me, I wear it whenever I teach. It’s blue in colour, which aids with communication. I also believe it helps me to think pure and with highest intentions (because it’s a combination of clear and gold quartz).
If I feel out-of-balance or need more energy, I always have a pair boji stones in my bag.
If I need some grounding, black obsidian or Hematite can help me get back to my feet.
Only black tourmaline will work if I have to rescue someone or make sure that my psychic protection works well.

Do believe crystals and gems can heal? If you’re curious and open-minded, but are still uncertain, you can try them out and find out what they feel like. Take your time to see if they can help you return to a calm, healthy, balanced, and happy state of mind. You can then decide for yourself based on your experience.

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