What’s inside the Flagpole Ball

It is a age-old question… What is inside a flag pole for sale? The correct answer to this question is NOTHING. Flagpole balls serve primarily as decoration. A flagpoleball is made from two curved pieces welded of aluminum. They are then attached to a 1/2″ threaded rod and placed into the flagpole truck. The ball is sometimes called a truck. However, finial would be the correct term. The truck houses the pulley systems. As most trucks have threaded holes to accept the ball, it is possible to attach the ball to the truck. This prevents water leaking into hollow flagpoles.

Urban legends state that symbols are placed in the ball in order to stop invading nations from taking our flag. The stories and the items vary.

A match, a razor and a ball are some of the most sought-after items that can be found in the bag. When the military unit was decimated, the last soldier would tear down the flag, slice it into strips with a razor and then burn the strips. Finally, he would use his bullet to commit suicide. Most often, the gun responsible for the bullet is hidden at the base the flagpole.

There are many variations on this basic story. Another popular variant is the use of the razor to remove the flag from its halyard. It is not intended for the flag. Another variation is to use the bullet to defend flags rather than to commit suicide.

Additional items may sometimes be hidden along with the original item. Depending upon the version, an extra item might be a grain either of rice or wheat. The rice is used for fuel by the soldier to defend flag. The wheat is to be used in rebuilding food supplies should the soldier win. If victory is achieved, another item would be a needle with thread to repair damage to the flag. Also mentioned is a pencil to help with writing.