Use Piano Covers To Protect Your Piano Investment

Many unusual items have been used by hilton piano center owners over the years to protect their investment. The piano should be protected and cared for, regardless of whether it is an acquired piano or a family heirloom. I’ve seen many things used as piano covers. Some of the coverings I have seen in homes are Grandma‚Äôs old quilt, blankets and newspapers, as well as plastic sheets and bedsheets. One time I saw floor-to ceiling drapes that were hanging down from the windows and spread out over the piano as a last resort to protect the homeowner’s instrument.

It’s not unusual for a piano or organ to look like a bedroom treadmill, covered in all manner of clothing, towels, and bathrobes. None of these options are ideal. The sun’s harmful effects should be kept away from pianos that are not in use often. A stained wood piano should be protected from direct sunlight. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage the finish and cause it to fade or darken. Most owners do not have the finances to buy special ultraviolet protective films or glasses for their windows. Professionally made piano covers are an excellent choice. It is important to cover the upright or grand piano with a piano cover that fits the exact dimensions. This will protect the piano’s elegance and beauty.

Dust damage is another risk to a piano that has been left in its home. In addition to the obvious appearance, dirt and dust can collect on the keys and cause them to stick to the keyboard and make it difficult to play. Dust and dirt can cause scratches to the piano’s wood or lacquer finish. Even a simple wipe can damage the instrument’s finish. Dust inside the piano can be more harmful. Dust from the tuning pins and string bearing feels, as well as the dampers can accumulate over time. This can be very harmful for the piano’s long-term health. You can request a professional tuner to blow out the dust with a bellow, but this will cost an additional charge. A fitted piano cover is a better option financially.